Quality of Motion and Freedom of Design

AVENTOS HF is Blum’s award winning fitting system for bi-fold fronts. The system provides endless possibilities in planning design with little installation effort. Aventos HF offers direct access, ease of use and freedom of movement.

  • Suitable for cabinet 480 – 1040mm high and up to 1800mm wide.
  • The Aventos HF is suitable for wooden and aluminium framed fronts
  • Aventos HF is designed for quick and easy assembly – with just a few tools.
  • The lift mechanism can be adjusted with a cordless screwdriver to achieve optimal function.
  • Aventos HF will open, stop and close with reliable ease.

Parts required per Unit:

  • 1 x Lift Mechanism Set.
  • 1 x Lever Arm Set.
  • 1 x Pair of front fixing brackets.
  • 1 x cover cap set.

To calculate the correct power factor multiply your cabinet height (mm) by the door weight including handles (KG).

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