Timber kitchen worktops

Timeless look & tactile feel

Solid timber worktops bring a natural beauty into your kitchen. Timber worktops are both aesthetically pleasing and bring a unique character to your kitchen design. With their timeless look and tactile feel, our wooden worktops create a beautiful individual statement in both traditional and contemporary environments.

Wood has a natural defence against bacteria and is considered to be the most hygienic of all kitchen work surfaces.

Our timber worktops are constructed with solid staves and, if correctly installed, will give a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Finger jointed worktops

The first choice for those looking for durability, strength and classic traditional elegance. Natural and quintessentially English.

Please note all images are lifestyle images and do not necessarily represent the product range.

Conserving the environment

We contribute to the World Wildlife Fund and we are committed to conserving the environment. With this philosophy in mind, we have decided against supplying timbers which generate environmental problems with their harvesting and so we do not sell any African timbers. All our wooden worktops are purchased with particular attention to ensuring that the timber is from an environmentally sustainable source.

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