Hettich Sensys Hinges

Now there’s a hinge where form and function are a perfect match: Sensys. Doors close silently, moved gently by an invisible force. With this exclusive self-closing function, plus integrated damping, Sensys delivers a luxury closing experience. Innovation at its best: award-winning design plus perfect functionality means Hettich can offer the perfect hinge with a full range of applications and plate options.

Soft-close technology

Currently the only hinge technology available where all hinge options are available as soft-close:

  • Integrated damping element
  • Silence, design and emotion
  • Door closes automatically from 35˚

Easy to fit

  • Sensys is easy to fit and easy to adjust

Clean and elegant looking

  • Sensys has an elegant and contemporary look with simple and harmonious lines

Award-winning design

  • Meets all customer expectations for outstanding design and quality

The Sensys hinge family includes products for all popular door mounting options. Please contact MAK for options and price list.


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