MAKStone worktops

MAKStone is a decorative range of solid surface worktops. Each colour has been carefully selected to complement kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms and utility rooms.

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Exceptionally practical, with the aesthetic looks of natural stone, marble and quartz, combined with the convenience and consistency of a solid acrylic product.

The lack of batching issues and seamless joins make MAKStone;

  • Durable
  • Hygienic
  • Low maintenance
  • Waterproof

For technical reasons colours shown may not be an exact representation of the actual product and there may be variations along the length of the worktop.

Worktops are best finished to a ‘soft sheen’. If a ‘high gloss’ finish is used then this will require more care and maintenance – darker colours are more susceptible to surface scratches.

The full effect of the marbling on; Capella, Castor, Mimosa and Mizar can only be fully appreciated from a larger sample.



A stunning new colour for the UK. A solid sea blue worktop for a modern kitchen.


Subtle and Charming. White background with free-flowing cloud formations.


Elegant and Stylish. Silver grey background with darker marble variations.


The future of Acrylic worktops. Solid Dark Grey.


White with a difference. A creamy white background with subtle graining.


Cool and Contemporary. Creamy white background with a white snowstorm effect.


Unique and Bold. Mid/dark grey spun background with multiple reflective flecks.


Effortless Elegance. Creamy background with coppery multiple marble dapples.


Timeless Classic. Light grey background with sporadic marble pattern in a darker grey.


Luxurious and Durable. Black background with subtle white marbling. Finally a black worktop that conceals scratches.


The future of Acrylic worktops. Solid Light Grey.


The future of Acrylic worktops. Solid Mid Grey.


Chic and Sophisticated. Less is More. Plain white.


Opulent and Decadent. Recreate the look of a beautiful mirror fleck quartz finish. White background with reflective highlights.


Distinctive and Versatile. Light grey background with decorative opaque feature.


Sleek and Serene. Creamy white background with overall translucent characteristics.


Stylishly Simple. Concrete inspired background with complementing speckles.

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