AVENTOS HK components are easy to assemble. Once the lift mechanism has been precisely adjusted to the weight and size of the front, AVENTOS HK will open, close and hold with reliable ease. What’s more, AVENTOS HK needs no hinges. Lever arms are closed so there are no projecting parts.

AVENTOS HK – State-of-the-art stay lifts

International design juries have praised the visual result, and pros appreciate AVENTOS HK as a convenient lift system for mid wall units. The Aventos HK stay lift needs little space – even above fitted cabinets, e.g. above refrigerators.


AVENTOS HK stands for a manageable programme and a wide range of planning options.

  • Cabinet heights up to 600 mm
  • Cabinet widths up to 1800 mm
  • Can be used with cornice
  • Use with any style of door
  • Available in light, medium, heavy, and extra heavy duty depending on weight of door
  • Lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets can be used symmetrically

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